Ethan Radcliff Cover Reveal for DOM, a man apart.

DOM, A man apart
by Ethan Radcliff

Ella Emerson

Title: Dom, a man apart

Author: Ethan Radcliff

Estimated Release Date: Oct 8, 2014

Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance


In the world of pain and pleasure, Charles Damien Macavoy reigned. He was a man apart, one who require more than most. He was a Master of BDSM.

He’d been asked by another Dom and good friend to train the Dom’s current sub and love interest. Charles had trained many, but found himself attracted to his new trainee.

He was aware the fascination would wear off, it always did, and he’d returned the trainee to her Master willing and ready to submit.

Lurking in the shadows of a world few are accustomed to is evil. Sometimes a thing of beauty has hidden thorns. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

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“You’re smiling rather devilishly at me Sir,” Samantha whispered. “Am I?” he answered back…

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The Spice of Life by Jake Furie Lapin



The Spice of Life (or TSOL, to fans) follows Jake Furie Lapin, a 37-year-old sexaholic and loving Dom. As the first book in a three-part series, TSOL explores Jake’s transformation from a submissive, out-of-shape man, stuck in a sexless marriage, to a strong, successful, fit, loving Dom. This first book follows Jake as he describes his many sexual adventures, in great detail, to Kelli, his sex therapist. 

Kelli Lemberg is a successful sex therapist who has an office-based practice in Manhattan. Like Jake, Kelli finds herself trapped in a marriage that is lacking heat and passion. Through her sex therapy sessions with Jake, Kelli begins to undergo an amazing transformation of her own, as she uncovers and explores the depths of her own inner sexuality and sensual fire.


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Jake Furie Lapin is a writer, entrepreneur, wine drinker and coffee addict based in New Jersey. Jake’s writings aim to explore sexuality and sensuality, including the BDSM lifestyle, through the beauty of the written word. He is currently working on his first novel, The Spice of Life, which chronicles the many adventures of Jake Furie Lapin, a loving Dom, as well as Kelli Lemberg, his sex therapist. Jake encourages all of his readers and fans to explore this website and check out his blog @


Let him know your thoughts through your comments and feedback.


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This book had me gripped from the prologue. This great insight into the BDSM lifestyle starts off with Kelli who is in an unhappy marriage looking for something new. She decides to try a website to meet someone new. She then meets Jake, at a bar and she takes him on as a patient in her sexual therapy office. The story heats up when she learns all about Jake and his lifestyle. 

This is a great read, and very well written. I loved every moment of this book and can’t wait for the next one. I loved the controlling ways of Jake and his confidence in every situation. I felt moved by his life stories and drawn into the depths with which he told the story. Kelli was easy to relate to, as she was not your typical twenty something with no real life experiences. Her and Jake uncover some truths about each other, and already the attraction is between the two is palpable. Jake did an amazing job with this book, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the next book. Amazing writing style and storyline will have you turning the pages unable to set it down. 

I give this book a high 5 stars, I absolutely loved it!!!