Summer is Coming….

Creative Gift Ideas!!!

Ella Emerson

Ahh the glorious days of summer. Living in Florida it always feels like summer before the rest of the country feels it. I know some places had snow this weekend, but Summer is lurking in the wings ready to bring on party season. Like most people, summer is a huge party season for me. Filled with Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and many birthday parties. Seems everyone has a reason to party when the season allows it. Now if you are a big party-er like me….and no I’m not really talking about hanging at the bar drinking too much. But if you like to have back-yard bbq’s or kid’s parties, or even have some neighbors over for a fun-filled night then I may have something that will interest you. I am always looking for unique ideas and things to WOW my guests. If you are the same, or…

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Check out these amazing boots.

If you haven’t heard I was accepted into booktrope as an author. We are working on re-releasing Sky Watcher (the two part novella series) into ONE amazing book. I am happy to revisit Allison and Luke and I plan on adding some NEW, HOT scenes. One thing about Sky Watcher is it is set in the country and Luke is a country boy.

Complete with an accent and hot cowboy boots.

While I was searching around, I found this site.

It offers some of the hottest boots I have ever seen. Sexy, sleek with a hint of country. Now normally I am not one for wearing boots, hey, I’m from Florida. But these boots are unlike anything I have ever seen before…..check them out….


How HOT is this stuff? I want it all!!!! If you love to shop or are in need of some hot cool looking boots, then this is the site for you!!!


I love the browns and blues, but they have it all. Check out the reds!!! So sexy…


These are great too…


Handbags, clothing, and boots!!!!

These boots will definitely be the hot new item this year. Make a statement and get on board! This wonderful style is perfect for any weather as well as anyone who wants that sexy outfit to impress. This is a fashion newb and needs everyones help to be seen all over the world. Check them out!!!

They have so many color schemes and styles to choose from and offer great discounts! Don’t be left out of this up and coming fashion. This is a must wear this year!!!

Has anyone heard of RingWord?? Well you might want to find out….pretty awesome!!!

So if I think I understand this website right is….

It is kind of like a directory for everyone’s social media presence. If you are following someone on Twitter and would like to see if they have a website, or a Facebook page. You can look them up on Ring Word and viola all of their links are there. It has ways too so it doesn’t allow for the creepers/trolls to find you.

Here is the owner and what he has to say about it:

Everyone can get a Ring “Word” of their favorite book character. What good is that? If you want to have people remember how to reach you, don’t give them your phone number, give them your RingWord.

Nobody remembers phone numbers, but people DO remember Ring Words. You can be Sherlock Holmes, Katniss Everdeen, or just Katniss if you prefer. You simply choose a word or words (1st is free) and enter your contact information in your RingWord profile. (The nice thing (so trolls don’t bother you) is that you can encrypt the number, email address or whatever contact info you put in. You set a password for each item, or not. You can leave a hint that your password is your nickname, so your friends will know what to enter.) You can see an example with my email address:

For businesses they would simply display their phone number, but for those who like privacy, encrypted is best.

You can also forward to your blog, facebook page, twitter etc.

I think this is a great idea, especially for us Indie’s who have so many links and are constantly trying to give the whole list out to people. Here, here is my whole long list of websites, emails, links. It gets tiring, and how many people actually follow through to each and every one??Not too many, I know sometimes I don’t. But with Ring Word, you can send people there and all the info is nicely there with links right there. If they need you link to somewhere they have it easily accessible,

Or say you are at a convention and you want to give someone your phone number, sometimes it is hard for people to remember numbers or what not, if you give them your ringword then they can have all of your info in an easy way to remember….Like mine will be AuthorElla.

I know many times I will be doing author takeovers on blogs, and at the end I want to give the readers all of my links, I used to have a word document with all of them neatly placed and I could copy and paste….but sometimes I am not doing the takeover on my computer and I have to search other social media for all of my links (by links I mean, Fb like page, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon page, website, and many many more….even Spangaloo) this is one easy place where I can look up all of my links in one spot, No more rummaging around hastily trying to find my info. Maybe some of you are more organized than me, but either way….this is the wave of the future, and what a great website to have around…..Do you have your Ring Word yet??

Guest Post–Taylor Wilmering talks about her current projects and book!!!!


My name is Taylor Wilmering. I’m the daughter of a former police officer, and am an avid reader, a writer, and an artist.

My work: Since June 2007, I’ve been a civilian role player and moulage (realistic injury effects) makeup artist for training for civilian first aid courses, emergency medical personnel, and the US military. I use my personal life experiences to provide training that is as realistic as possible. My characters and scenarios teach them how to handle a variety of different emergency scenarios, illnesses and injuries, and cultural and language challenges. This prepares them for situations that they may face in their work.

Using moulage allows responders to see what an injury would actually look like, and gives them hands-on practice in assessing and providing treatment (stopping bleeding, bandaging, etc).

My current project is raising funds that I need to purchase new moulage supplies, which will be used in upcoming training exercises this year. These are supplies that I won’t be able to work without, and not being able to work means not getting paid! More work opportunities for me means more courses being taught, which means more people being trained in life-saving skills.

My project page has more detailed info on who I am, my background, and what I do:
If you contribute to this project, there are some rewards to choose from – you can use your imagination to design a scenario, request a moulage creation, or even come participate in one of our exercises (if you’re in the United States)!

My moulage website (with information on the training that I’ve provided, and pictures of my work) is

My book: I am also an author. The work that I do provides a lot of great writing material! I love to write, and have been writing since the age of 6 or 7. Most of the stories that I write now are crime and political thrillers, along with some medical drama. My first book, “No Safe Place”, a political thriller about sleeper-cell terrorism in the United States, was published in 2011. Many of the events in my writing (in “No Safe Place” and my current work in progress) are modeled after the training exercise scenarios that I’ve been involved in. The events and characters in the first 3 chapters of “No Safe Place” are based on a police tactical training scenario that I participated in in August 2008.

My degree is in International & Cultural Studies, with a focus on the Middle East (geography, history, politics, and culture), and a minor in Criminology, focusing on Islamic terrorism. I’m a fan of thriller shows like “24” and “Homeland”. My knowledge, love of thrillers, and love of writing, resulted in this story. 🙂

Synopsis: Shortly before September 11, 2001, Joe Biden warned, “The question is not if we will be attacked by terrorists again, but rather when and where.” In the pages of No Safe Place, terrorism has come to America once again. Sleeper agents for a radical Islamic terrorist group that calls itself Ansar Inshallah are carrying out specific targeted attacks in the United States. They have managed to blend into American society and go undetected – until now. As Ansar Inshallah’s sleeper cells awaken, Americans discover that appearances can be deceiving and the people around them may not be who they seem. Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Division agent John Anderson and his field partner, Agent Erin Walker of the FBI, are racing against the clock to uncover and bring down Ansar Inshallah. But how do you fight a war when your enemy is hidden among you?

Here is a link to “No Safe Place” on Amazon (available in paperback print, Kindle e-book, and Audible audiobook format):

My author website is:

5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Seattle.

If you are already living in Seattle, well then you are lucky!

There are many reasons why Seattle is a GREAT place to live.


1. The Ballard’s Farmers Market is pretty awesome. 

This market offers great deals on all things healthy. Year-round greenmarket with 100-plus vendors for organic, handmade & locally grown foods.


2. Seattle Space Needle

Need I say more about this cool structure. It is one of the tallest buildings west of the Mississippi River and offers an observation deck that overlooks the whole city. It also has a restaurant that rotates while you can enjoy a nice meal and watch the city.


3. The Experience Music Project 

The Experience Music Project (, set in the Seattle Center, houses more than 80,000 artifacts related to Seattle and world music, from Nirvana to Jimi Hendrix. Set in an architecturally stunning building, the EMP also houses the Science Fiction Museum.


4. Pioneer Square

Stop by Pioneer Square for shopping, dining, drinks, nightclubs and sporting events. This historic cobblestone square, which is actually more like a triangle, was the center of downtown in 1850s Seattle. It is ringed by restaurants, shops, bars, museums, tour operators and Seattle’s major sports stadiums, Safeco and Qwest Fields.


5. Kid Sister Approved

My sister lives in Seattle and LOVES it. She always rants and raves about how great it is. She always has something to do, and loves to go into the mountains to hike. She also takes cruises up to Vancouver and Alaska. Loving the nightlife and outdoor appeal, she says it is one of her most favorite cities in the world. One of the best decisions she has ever made, she loves it in Seattle.

There are so many things to do in Seattle, it is one of the hottest spots in the country. If you are looking to move to Seattle, or are already living in the Seattle area ….Then Check out this real estate team from Seattle that can take care of all your real estate needs. Maybe you just want a vacation home in Seattle to visit in the summer, or maybe you would like to move the family to Seattle. (they have a great school system). Or like my sister, pick up and change your life for the better and move to one of the greatest cities around.

Their web page is This is a great search engine for real estate in the greater Seattle area. They are a team of 4 full time brokers that want what is best for you. Try the web page and their mobile app to find your next home.

Click Here

Is a psychic right for you? 3 things you can learn from a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant medium and radio psychic, Francine Milano offers readings by email, phone, Skype or in person at her Leola PA office (Lancaster County). She is best known for connections with the other side—spirit guides and loved ones who’ve crossed over, but she also assists in your life situations.

Website –
Facebook –
Blog –

I know I have been showcasing many psychic and mediums lately. I love showcasing anyone who needs help in promotions. Also with Captain Awesome on the way, I am doing a ton of research in this field. This is a great lady who can help you rediscover yourself or someone who was taken away too soon.

She has a radio show and I urge everyone to give her a listen. She offers readings to anyone in the world through Skype. I love this as so many of my recent posts have been for one local area. Well this one is for everyone.

3 things everyone can learn from a psychic.

1. Development of your special unique gifts.

Everyone is born with a special gift as well as being able to tap into your own intuition. There are many special things you can learn by developing this gift. Although not everyone will have the same results, even if you can develop a sense of peace and tranquility, I would think it would be worth the try.

2. If you have lost someone close to you then a family grief counselor may be for you.

Losing someone close to you is never easy. It is good to talk to someone and open up about your feelings. But what if you could take it one step further by getting relief knowing your loved one is safe. Psychic mediums are good for that aspect in grief counseling and helping reach spirits who have passed on.

3. Readings

Everyone can benefit most times from having a reading done. Find answers to problems you are facing or having issues with. If you need more direction in your life then talking with a psychic can always help. Most times they can help you when you fell there is no one else to turn to. Or even if you have all of the answers, a psychic can help harness your potential and make your life have new meaning.

I hope everyone will visit her site and see if she is the right choice for you.

Indie Support is just a CLICK away. Art, Books, Film,

As everyone knows by now I am all for supporting Indie Authors, Artists, and Filmmakers. Well has anyone ever heard of patreon? It is a website where you can “sponsor” an artist. You donate to the artist and help fund their projects. With all of the crowdfunding, and kickstarter going on everywhere….this site just adds to it. It is actually kind of great.

Art supplies are expensive, and just to make one piece of art can become so costly that most artist give up. Well this is not good in my eyes. I don’t ever want anyone to ever give up on their dreams.

I have found an artist who I hope never gives up. She has developed a new type of artwork called Quainting….she explains it here:

Quainting is new to the Art Scene and is artist Jayme Hunt’s own method of showing everyone a new way to look at Art and the world we live in. Quainting, as Jayme dubbed it, is a mixture of painting, quilling, and Post-Impressionism Art.

She uses watercolor paper and paints it Plein Aire style to ensure all the colors of the scene chosen are in the final Quainting. Then she brings all the pages home, paints a few more pages with the same color schemes to ensure there’s enough to do the final project and then she cuts them all up into strips!

Next, she twirls them all up using two toothpicks she’s glued and taped together (for really). Then she begins gluing those spirals on edge, matching the pattern of her scene, to the background piece of watercolor paper. After the glue is dry, she goes back over an area and paints the raw white edges of the watercolor paper just glued down.

It’s a long process but the results give a play on light and shadow that just can’t be achieved with just paint alone. Each piece takes about 100 hours to complete, but the final creation is pretty great! Take a look at her Art and consider becoming a Patron of this Artist at

Now I can’t show you her art because I don’t own the copyrights (and all of that legal jargon)

But I insist you check it out. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I also love the painting she replicated

her ART

Also, another thing I like about this Patreon website is it doesn’t cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to support. It is basically the price of a cheap ebook to help show your support. Which just amazes me with how it all works.

Help support Jayme by clicking HERE


I love the idea and love the artwork, it really is amazing. Be sure to click on it to see the fabulous artwork!!!