Guest Post–Taylor Wilmering talks about her current projects and book!!!!


My name is Taylor Wilmering. I’m the daughter of a former police officer, and am an avid reader, a writer, and an artist.

My work: Since June 2007, I’ve been a civilian role player and moulage (realistic injury effects) makeup artist for training for civilian first aid courses, emergency medical personnel, and the US military. I use my personal life experiences to provide training that is as realistic as possible. My characters and scenarios teach them how to handle a variety of different emergency scenarios, illnesses and injuries, and cultural and language challenges. This prepares them for situations that they may face in their work.

Using moulage allows responders to see what an injury would actually look like, and gives them hands-on practice in assessing and providing treatment (stopping bleeding, bandaging, etc).

My current project is raising funds that I need to purchase new moulage supplies, which will be used in upcoming training exercises this year. These are supplies that I won’t be able to work without, and not being able to work means not getting paid! More work opportunities for me means more courses being taught, which means more people being trained in life-saving skills.

My project page has more detailed info on who I am, my background, and what I do:
If you contribute to this project, there are some rewards to choose from – you can use your imagination to design a scenario, request a moulage creation, or even come participate in one of our exercises (if you’re in the United States)!

My moulage website (with information on the training that I’ve provided, and pictures of my work) is

My book: I am also an author. The work that I do provides a lot of great writing material! I love to write, and have been writing since the age of 6 or 7. Most of the stories that I write now are crime and political thrillers, along with some medical drama. My first book, “No Safe Place”, a political thriller about sleeper-cell terrorism in the United States, was published in 2011. Many of the events in my writing (in “No Safe Place” and my current work in progress) are modeled after the training exercise scenarios that I’ve been involved in. The events and characters in the first 3 chapters of “No Safe Place” are based on a police tactical training scenario that I participated in in August 2008.

My degree is in International & Cultural Studies, with a focus on the Middle East (geography, history, politics, and culture), and a minor in Criminology, focusing on Islamic terrorism. I’m a fan of thriller shows like “24” and “Homeland”. My knowledge, love of thrillers, and love of writing, resulted in this story. 🙂

Synopsis: Shortly before September 11, 2001, Joe Biden warned, “The question is not if we will be attacked by terrorists again, but rather when and where.” In the pages of No Safe Place, terrorism has come to America once again. Sleeper agents for a radical Islamic terrorist group that calls itself Ansar Inshallah are carrying out specific targeted attacks in the United States. They have managed to blend into American society and go undetected – until now. As Ansar Inshallah’s sleeper cells awaken, Americans discover that appearances can be deceiving and the people around them may not be who they seem. Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Division agent John Anderson and his field partner, Agent Erin Walker of the FBI, are racing against the clock to uncover and bring down Ansar Inshallah. But how do you fight a war when your enemy is hidden among you?

Here is a link to “No Safe Place” on Amazon (available in paperback print, Kindle e-book, and Audible audiobook format):

My author website is:

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