Check out these amazing boots.

If you haven’t heard I was accepted into booktrope as an author. We are working on re-releasing Sky Watcher (the two part novella series) into ONE amazing book. I am happy to revisit Allison and Luke and I plan on adding some NEW, HOT scenes. One thing about Sky Watcher is it is set in the country and Luke is a country boy.

Complete with an accent and hot cowboy boots.

While I was searching around, I found this site.

It offers some of the hottest boots I have ever seen. Sexy, sleek with a hint of country. Now normally I am not one for wearing boots, hey, I’m from Florida. But these boots are unlike anything I have ever seen before…..check them out….


How HOT is this stuff? I want it all!!!! If you love to shop or are in need of some hot cool looking boots, then this is the site for you!!!


I love the browns and blues, but they have it all. Check out the reds!!! So sexy…


These are great too…


Handbags, clothing, and boots!!!!

These boots will definitely be the hot new item this year. Make a statement and get on board! This wonderful style is perfect for any weather as well as anyone who wants that sexy outfit to impress. This is a fashion newb and needs everyones help to be seen all over the world. Check them out!!!

They have so many color schemes and styles to choose from and offer great discounts! Don’t be left out of this up and coming fashion. This is a must wear this year!!!

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