Has anyone heard of RingWord?? Well you might want to find out….pretty awesome!!!

So if I think I understand this website right is….

It is kind of like a directory for everyone’s social media presence. If you are following someone on Twitter and would like to see if they have a website, or a Facebook page. You can look them up on Ring Word and viola all of their links are there. It has ways too so it doesn’t allow for the creepers/trolls to find you.

Here is the owner and what he has to say about it:

Everyone can get a Ring “Word” of their favorite book character. What good is that? If you want to have people remember how to reach you, don’t give them your phone number, give them your RingWord.

Nobody remembers phone numbers, but people DO remember Ring Words. You can be Sherlock Holmes, Katniss Everdeen, or just Katniss if you prefer. You simply choose a word or words (1st is free) and enter your contact information in your RingWord profile. (The nice thing (so trolls don’t bother you) is that you can encrypt the number, email address or whatever contact info you put in. You set a password for each item, or not. You can leave a hint that your password is your nickname, so your friends will know what to enter.) You can see an example with my email address: www.RingWord.com/Tom

For businesses they would simply display their phone number, but for those who like privacy, encrypted is best.

You can also forward to your blog, facebook page, twitter etc.

I think this is a great idea, especially for us Indie’s who have so many links and are constantly trying to give the whole list out to people. Here, here is my whole long list of websites, emails, links. It gets tiring, and how many people actually follow through to each and every one??Not too many, I know sometimes I don’t. But with Ring Word, you can send people there and all the info is nicely there with links right there. If they need you link to somewhere they have it easily accessible,

Or say you are at a convention and you want to give someone your phone number, sometimes it is hard for people to remember numbers or what not, if you give them your ringword then they can have all of your info in an easy way to remember….Like mine will be AuthorElla.

I know many times I will be doing author takeovers on blogs, and at the end I want to give the readers all of my links, I used to have a word document with all of them neatly placed and I could copy and paste….but sometimes I am not doing the takeover on my computer and I have to search other social media for all of my links (by links I mean, Fb like page, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon page, website, and many many more….even Spangaloo) this is one easy place where I can look up all of my links in one spot, No more rummaging around hastily trying to find my info. Maybe some of you are more organized than me, but either way….this is the wave of the future, and what a great website to have around…..Do you have your Ring Word yet??

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