Improve your search engines ranking

For any webmaster, blogger, or business the greatest concern after the creation of a website is to get traffic. However, this traffic only materializes when your site has high search engines ranking. If you are not on the first page of search results, you won’t get the results you need. In order to attain high search engines ranking, search engine optimization is imperative. One of the most basic and effective method of search engine optimization, is to submit your site’s link to an SEO directory. Link directory can give an instant boost to your search rankings. Let’s see how link submission to an SEO directory would give a boost to your search engines ranking.
One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is the backlinks or inbound links. Backlinks refer to link on an external site pointing to your website. Search engines base their calculation of worth of any site on these backlinks. Though there are plenty of other factors too that play an important part in determining the search rankings, inbound links are the most important factor. One of the most effective and easiest ways of getting backlinks is by submitting links to a link directory. The link gained through submission to a seo directory would boost your search rankings in number of ways.

Some of these include:
You will have link pointing to your site which will add to your credibility in the eyes of search engines, and resultantly you will see and improvement in rankings.
You will only be able to gain the second benefit of link submission to a link directory, if the directory is human-edited and properly categorized. By placing the link of your website in a relevant and non-spammy seo directory, you will improve the relevancy of your site vis-a-vis your main category.
Another benefit of of submitting link to an seo directory is the flow of PR and DA/PA. PR and DA/PA play are important signal of your site’s worth. A high PR and DA/PA would indicate the high worth of your site to search engines.
By now you must have understood how link submission to seo link directory can boost your rankings. However, before you go on frenzy and start submitting your links to each and every directory present on internet, there are few caveats you must keep in mind. When submitting link to any particular directory, you must assure that the SEO directory is human-edited, non-spammy and well-categorized like Orangelinker. Otherwise your site will only end-up getting penalized instead of seeing a rise in search rankings. This is because, since the change in Google search algorithm and with the introduction of Google panda update, submission to spammy directories is considered as an effort to manipulate search engines ranking and as a result such directories and websites which link with them, are bound to get penalized.
So, in sum, link submission to an seo link directory can be an invaluable source of link juice and targeted traffic, however, links should only be submitted to well-maintained and moderated link directories.


Ted Farnsworth – Scam Artist or Entrepreneur?

Ted Farnsworth – Scam Artist or Entrepreneur ?


Ted Farnsworth is in the news quite frequently and because he is, sometimes you will see postings and and comments on the internet saying that Ted is a scam artist.

Everyone knows that scam artist exist and everyone knows that scam artists are ruthless in there quest for money.

What most people don’t understand who write blog post about Ted Farnsworth or anybody else who is an entrepreneur, is that most of them aren’t scam artists at all, they are strictly entrepreneurs who had a business venture or two that failed. There is nothing wrong with this, show me an entrepenure who hasn’t failed and I will show you someone who isn’t really an entrepenure.

If you Google “Donald Trump scam” you will find 410,000 results. If you Google Warren Buffett or even Bill Gates you will find people on the internet who call them scam artist. Last but not least, if you Google “Mother Theresa scam” you will find 432,000 results and one of the top results says Mother Theresa was a crook and a fraud. My point is that there will always be some nuts out there trying to discredit those of us who are trying to get ahead in life and make the world a better place to live. Are entrepenures perfect ….definataly not! But we go out every day and try to do good.

Here’s some other things that were discovered about Ted Farnsworth that you may not know.

Mr. Farnsworth is the Chairman and Founder of The Highlander Companies and Chairman and Founder of Millennial Hotel Group. He is responsible for the strategic direction of these companies, for investment and financing activities across all capital platforms, and for the creation and pursuit of new real estate development opportunities and their acquisition.

An expert in strategic development, marketing and consumer relations, Mr. Farnsworth has utilized these assets and skills building companies throughout his 30-year career. He has owned and operated numerous companies with proprietary products with recognized brand names that he actively helped to develop. Many of these companies ultimately became publicly held. He is an equity partner in a deal comprised of in-demand office buildings located in primary and secondary markets across the U.S. The portfolio is majority leased to the General Services Administration, making it the fourth largest landlord for the U.S, government today.

Mr. Farnsworth’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to feature articles in numerous publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, to name a few, and appearances on MSNBC and CNBC.

Ted Farnsworth is a fervent believer that success in life is directly associated with a person’s desire and commitment to give back his time and wealth to society. He has been a generous supporter of numerous charities and founded the Far West Haiti Mission, which provides fresh water, housing and work initiatives to the residents of Haiti. Through the Far West Haiti Mission, Mr. Farnsworth also founded a school for the blind. Literally thousands of people have benefitted from his generosity and his perpetual dedication to elevating the human spirit.

Millennial’s Investment Strategy

As we are dedicated to providing excellence in every aspect of real estate investment. We are bringing together high-performance experts whose proven leadership combines decades of pinnacle brand expertise and market cycle success. As industry-shapers, these individuals initiated progressive programs and processes that forever changed the real estate landscape – and particularly the hospitality landscape – including the repositioning and consolidation of renowned brands, pioneers of strategic hospitality concepts, trendsetting lifestyle collaborations, and farsighted tech-savvy innovations.

With new acquisitions and consolidations, the goal is to create an asset that generates a recurring cash flow stream, providing a continuous return on investment for the company and its partners while maintaining the optimal level of financial flexibility and liquidity.

Are you planning a trip to Disney?

Have you ever wanted to plan a trip to Disney World, but just felt completely overwhelmed with all the hotel, theme park and dining options? You are not alone. Most people that have been many times over the years still have problems keeping up with changes to the parks and plans. You need some professional help.

Tiki Room Travel was born out of the perceived need of an old-time values travel agency, operating with the newest technology and trends. Let’s face it, if you don’t trust your travel agent 100%, why do you want them booking your trip for you?

Check out our promise to you:

  • We will do exactly what we say we will do
  • We will do exactly what we say, when we say it will be done
  • We keep you in the loop 100% from the start to end of your vacation
  • We will answer any questions you have at any time
  • We will never ignore you, and we strive to answer all emails and messages as soon as possible, usually within minutes
  • We will never charge you a fee (never, ever)

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While we were just founded in 2013, we have 12+ years of experience in booking exclusively Disney vacations for our clients. We have helped over 3,000 families plan their family Disney vacations, most returned to us over and over to book their follow up trips. We have been to every Disney destination we sell, including Aulani, Adventures by Disney (Ireland), we have been on all four Disney Cruise ships, and we visit both Walt Disney World and Disneyland several times a year.

We have families too, and take them on most of our Disney adventures. We have travelled with infants, toddlers, teens, adult only and large extended families. It is very doubtful that you will have a situation that we have not already experienced ourselves.

If you are planning a Disney vacation, contact Tiki Room Travel to help you out of your Disney planning nightmare.


Atlantis Explained

This is a very cool story and concept.

Dennis Brooks has spent over 20 years researching Atlantis. In 1995 he found that the Florida Plain matched the description Plato gave as the Plain of Atlantis. Since then, he has been looking for other ways to connect Atlantis to the Americas and Egypt. In 2012 he published a book called Atlantis: Ten Tribes of the Americas, which became Atlantis Pyramids Floods, and finally this updated version. This book is taking the place of the two earlier books.

Here is the book link: Click here

You can also visit his website:

The priest of Egypt talking to Solon about Athens

“In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones; in the next place, you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. And this was unknown to you, because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word. For there was a time, Solon, before the great deluge of all, when the city which now is Athens was first in war and in every way the best governed of all cities,” Plato

Customized Online Financial Advice that’s affordable

Online Financial Advisor

Customized Online Financial Advice that’s affordable. Customers get a personalized financial website for only $99. They will also get customized financial advice and a licensed professional assigned to them to help guide them for the future.

We provide clients with a live personalized financial website which can pull all of their financial accounts and place them in one easy to reach location. The accounts are updated in real time and the client can see if they are on track or not with their goals.

We then work with our clients to help them build a financial plan to help them reach retirement, or purchase a home, or even just manage their debt. We show them how to create retirement plans, and manage their investments for them. We try to make the process simple and easy to understand.

Here is a little interview with a Financial Advisor:

1. How can someone know if he or she should start a debt reduction plan? And how to execute it effectively?
Anytime a person has debt, they should start a debt reduction plan. However, the best plans start even before they get into debt of course but that is not necessarily the case with most people. We find ourselves wrapped in debt where credit cards, loans and all our other bills start to get out of control. Just having a conversation with a financial advisor or consultant can help you start in the right direction. Using financial software to plan out and manage debt is one of the quickest and easiest ways to manage your finances as well as they typically create a solid plan to move forward. The software we work with actually pulls all your financial information from various banks and institutions and allows you to view all your accounts in one place in real time. This is especially helpful for those that have multiple bank accounts, retirement accounts or investment accounts.

2. What are the trends of financial advice required today? 
It seems that many services are popping up online today and many individuals want to find a financial advisor that is easily accessible. That is what why we created our platform so that a person can actually ask us financial questions and get quick advice without ever leaving their homes. Another trend is on overall planning packages. We start people off with a simple budget and from there we can go into an overall life plan. This helps people realize that saving for retirement is actually pretty easy, but they just need a few simple adjustments and they can get started. We even show people how to pay off debt, save for college or even save to make a large purchase such as a vehicle or home.

3. How do you describe the ease for your clients to obtain affordable retirement & financial planning advices from you and your company?
Just like we described when we talked about the trends in financial advice today we start with a financial budget to get moving in the right direction. From there advice is always free from us and we can work on a retirement account or plan with our clients. We do not charge commissions ever so our clients can rest assured we are not going to make them purchase a product that they don’t want or need. We assess every situation and cater a plan accordingly. When we set up a retirement or investment account for a client we only charge a fee based upon the assets that we manage. That is called Fee-Only wealth management and it really does keep the clients best interest first in the financial planning process.

4. What is so special about the kind of financial advisory services, management and consultancy you provide online?
First and foremost you are getting a real person with a financial license. We are not a simple robotic system or program where you just input some values and an algorithm spits out a plan for you. We actually analyze and evaluate your needs and talk to you about them.
Secondly, we have a proud history of customer service with our clients. We pride ourselves on giving superior service with minimal cost to our clients. We are very transparent with our services and do our best to explain all our services to our clients the best we can.

5. Who inspired you to start the online version of the financial advisory services?
When I first started in this industry I was shocked that there is such a lack of simple financial understanding in our society. Most of the fundamentals of saving, how credit works, how to create a financial plan, how to save for retirement are all completely skipped over in our prime education years. As I have started working with clients it became apparent that I needed to create a service that is easy to access and almost anyone can obtain it. That’s why I needed to create an easy to use platform online for people.
The who needs to really start with the younger generation. Just having some simple financial guidance can make a major impact on their life during retirement. That doesn’t mean that those nearing or in retirement can’t set or fix their current plans. Often times I found that simple small adjustments can yield great long term results. There is also so many other factors that come into play with Insurances, Living Trusts, Wills, Wealth Management and more. We just wanted to create a simple platform where people can get personalized help with ease.

Want to help save the planet?

Did you know for every bidet sold by BidetInc, they plant ten trees?

Yes, this is a project to help people understand the hygienic benefits of using a bidet, and lowering our toilet paper consumption in the world.

Benefits of Using a Bidet in your Home:

It’s time to RETHINK the use of Bidets.

They are wonderful devices that can help you save money, save the environment, and save your health.

Bidet Inc., is here to help.

With the attachment BA-4500, every time you use the toilet, you enjoy a hygienic cleaning experience WHILE helping our environment.


If you had the opportunity to travel abroad, you may have experienced the pleasurable cleansing of bidets. For those of you who aren’t avid travelers, a bidet is essentially a washing mechanism that uses a stream of water to clean “specific areas” of your body after relieving yourself in the washroom. There is an array of benefits associated with using bidets from Bidet Inc. and these benefits can also help to save the environment.

Bidets have the opportunity to set a brand new standard of comfort for people in North America who are unaccustomed to them. With the use of bidet attachments, home owners will be able to have a better cleaning experience after they have finished using the washroom, not to mention that they don’t have to deal with the regular mountain of toilet paper. Using a bidet is soothing and comfortable, especially for the most sensitive areas on your body.


Everybody has to use the restroom throughout their life, so bathroom expenses are here to stay. There’s no avoiding the fact that we need some sanitary way to wash our bottoms, but it is very possible to avoid the excessive lifetime cost of toilet paper. Bidets are the environmentally green way to save some green, and isn’t that what we all want?

According to CNN, Americans spend over $9 billion per year on toilet paper. On a small scale, the average family of four is spending anywhere from $100-$150 per year on toilet paper. That’s literally money going down the drain. On what’s considered “luxury toilet paper” (or the soft 7-ply rolls found in specialty stores), individuals and families will spend around $3 per roll. That’s a little excessive for something that’s only going to be used for about five seconds before being discarded.

At Bidet Inc., their main focus is to improve the personal hygiene in North America while saving the environment through both a reduction in toilet paper consumption and our partnership with trees for the future. With every unit sold, they plant ten trees. How amazing is that?

To learn more about this wonderful eco-friendly company visit their website:

Are you afraid of the honeymoon??

Some couples when planning their weeding never take into account the first night as a married couple. If it is your first time together, what can you expect?

Or if you are a married couple and are looking to reignite your passion, then you may want to purchase this pamphlet that answers all of your questions.

It gives tips and tricks on what to expect on your first night together, and is also helpful for married couples who need to plan a little more time together.

Priced at just $3.99, this great informational packet comes highly recommended. It offers sound advice and healthy tips to help keep your marriage stronger and last longer with the art of lovemaking. A wonderful step-by-step guide on your first night, and it shows ways you can find time to make time together.

This link will take you where you need to go to purchase the information you will need to have a long-lasting sexual relationship with your mate.

Give it a try! Don’t be nervous about the honeymoon, or your first time. Gain knowledge.

This pdf is mainly targeted toward engaged couples planning a honeymoon, newlyweds and already married couples seeking to reignite their intimacy. It shares tips and advice to make the ‘First Night’ bedroom experience less scary and unknown for newlyweds. It also helps to reignite already married couples by being straightforward about planning time together.