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Pants, Pants, Pants

I think I’ve spoken to everyone I know about my obsession of my palazzo pants. Well introduce now some Harem pants.

I know what you’re thinking, Why can’t I just wear jeans like everyone else….LOL, well I love expanding my wardrobe to feature out all sorts of fun, and classy looks.

Yes I can rock a pair of jeans, but also I like to spice it up with palazzo or Harem pants.

A great site I found is: Click Here

It’s an Etsy shop which features Harem pants, Palazzo pants, shorts and so much more.

Check out their latest fashions, and let me know what  you think. You can’t beat their prices, and I love the styles.

they also feature kids clothing, mens clothing as well as women’s. They offer headbands, jumpsuits, dresses, rompers, shorts, and pants.
Check it out.



Ella Emerson

This music touches my soul in a way I can’t quite describe. But, I’m an author so I better try.

When I write I like to listen to what I call “mood music”, now get your mind out of the gutters, I don’t mean sexual mood music. I mean music that is relaxing and powerful, it opens my mind and allows the words to flow freely without having to think about anything but the story at hand. Mostly I do this on Spotify. It’s great, I can create playlist and keep all of my favorites in one spot. (oh, I just got that Spotify)

Well, I was introduced to Zinnia and her music. She has some soft beats that produce a melody that enlightens me. Then she has some harder dance music that makes me write those amazing action scenes.

Her voice is soulful, and she has great lyrics. I…

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Dentist Be Damned by Alice Barnes

Dentist be Damned or how to get rid of your toothache and your dentist.

You can have a model’s smile, just by yourself and not paying all your hard earned money to those sadistic dentists, take the necessary measures and instructions and apply everything this program teaches.

Alice Barnes, the author of Dentist be Damned, has been really afraid and didn’t even want to see a dentist when she had a terrible toothache. And now it’s been 15 years (zero cavities or toothaches) she hasn’t suffered the tortures of a dentist.

She did a lot of research to get rid of her dentist and get some healthy and nice teeth. What’s her secret? what benefits do you get from this program?

A cure for toothaches that not only relieves the pain, but also destroys the main cause, the infection.
A supplement which makes ugly plaque build up fall away from your teeth, revealing
your beautiful smile even after years of neglect.
Stop gums from receding, restore their healthy look and feel. Lots of facts exposed!
BONUS How to get rid of canker sores and bad breath!


I own a handmade online jewelry shop and offer one of a kind jewelry designs. I offer custom designs as well. I love color so my jewelry showcases lots of colorful pieces! My shop is full of beautiful gemstones and any piece would make a great addition to your collection.


I also have an Etsy shop @

She offers great pieces at affordable prices. Have a look over at her Etsy shop and see how amazing her pieces are. My favorite is the Key to your heart collection, very unique and original. I can’t wait for everyone to check it out.

Hop on over and give someone special in your life a piece of jewelry that they can treasure always…..or buy for yourself!!! These pieces are one-of-a-kind, and handmade with a touch of elegance and beauty in each piece. Come and see Now.

Whatever Chantelle Pidgley says, goes….

Model/ Blogger Chantelle Pidgley offers great fashion advice on her site at

She features many name brands and what she thinks of them. I love Lottie London and when she wrote that she did too, I knew her and I had the same taste.

her thoughts on Lottie London


and many many more GREAT fashion, and beauty advice for anyone searching for some great products. Chantelle also offers insights and follow along as she blooms into an amazing model.

Her blog is informative and fabulous, one of my all time faves.

Check her out now!!!

The Smartphone Mall

The Smartphone Mall sells a huge assortment of smartphone accessories such as iphone chargers, cases, adapters, screen protectors, headphones, arm bands, touch screen gloves, bluetooth devices and music accessories. It has one of largest selection of iphone accessories. Same day shipping on most orders. We carry all the major brands. Lifetime warranty on all it’s products with free return shipping. Great customer service department.

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