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Feature Points is an app that rewards you with points for downloading other apps and using them for 1 minute (apps can then be deleted). Accumulated points can be exchanged for PayPal money, gift cards, and other rewards. Using a referral code gives the new user 50 points to start with and gives points to the referring user when the new user downloads apps.


**COVER REVEAL SIGN UP** for Sky Watcher by Ella Emerson

I’m looking for some bloggers that would like to partake in my Cover reveal for Sky Watcher on July 10th.

I will send the Cover Reveal packet a few days before, and have everything set for you so you can just copy and paste. If you’d like HTML, please say so.

Here is the Google doc to sign up.

Thank you so much.




Allison Singleton divorces after her husband tells her he no longer loves her. Left to pick up the pieces she moves to Alabama with her sister.
Destined to be alone forever, her sister sets her up on a blind date with the sexy lawyer, Gavin McDermott.
He offers her a job on his mother’s chicken farm, and Allison accepts hoping it will be what she needs to find herself.
While working on the farm, she meets Gavin’s much younger brother, Luke.
Luke is full of life, and pursues Allison. She tries to fight her feelings for the country boy who is a whole ten years younger than her.
With a new sense of freedom, Allison soon discovers her heart has never fully understood love before.
Follow along as Allison discovers things about herself, and the brothers that will change her life forever.
In the midst of tragedy and turmoil, will she be able to find love in this world where anything is possible?


Build a Man

Ella Emerson

Here’s a fun, new exciting game to play with your girlfriends.

How many of you enjoy bachelorette parties? Or any parties where women get together and play sexy games? This new game is great fun for any occasion. Well, maybe not ANY occasion.

Check it out: http://www.pinkinstincts.com/

The game is called Build a Man

a fun exciting game to play at Bachelorette parties, or any ladies’ night. It can also make a perfect gift for any girl you would like to cheer up, or just see happy. It will definitely bring a smile to any ladies face, and is the perfect ice breaker for your party.

Enjoy hours of fun, and do what we all want to do….build the perfect man!!

Good luck and visit the website to learn more: http://www.pinkinstincts.com/

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A clever combination of Poetry and Art.

Ella Emerson

So this is pretty clever. There are so many different things you can do with these poems. Just let your imagination fly.

Visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/MauriceLuckettPoetry

And browse her collection of poems, that she types out with an old school typewriter to give it that antique look and feel to it. I think it’s great, and she sells them pretty cheap.

The poetry is great, inspirational and uplifting. Imagine, you can frame the poetry, decoupage, gifts, trinkets, the possibilities are endless.

Check out her collection, and let me know what you think!!!

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Do you know Abishiekh Jain?

Well you should, this 15 year old student is blowing up the technology age in India.

He has a website designed specifically for anyone looking to learn coding, or wanting the skill set to create websites and such. He offers tons of services such as :

– Make you a professional website/ blog

– Brainstorming for a new venture

– Graphic design

– Content Writing

and so much more.

Here is his website: http://www.abishiekhjain.net/

His page tells many things about him, his schooling, and offers tons of information on coding, and other fun websites.

He also works for : hackersdenabi.net