What The Heck Is Ella Emerson Doing?

Ella Emerson

What am I doing? Is there a plan to my madness?

Yes, there is.

Let’s start off with my start as a published author. I just wrote the stories which were in my head,and didn’t care if I had a series or what. I would like to say all has changed.

Sky Watcher is my only standalone, non series book. Which will feature a holiday spinoff coming this holiday season.

As for all of my other books, let’s start discussing the series. I am currently working on 3 series.

The Playing God Series (Romantic Suspense)

The Palm Beach Princess Series (Mystery/romance/suspense)

The Random Series (Romantic Comedy)

Ok, let’s get into it shall we. I am currently with a publisher and we are re-releasing the first book of The Palm Beach Princess Series titled THE VANILLA BET. After the release in December, book two will be released titled RENDER ME SPEECHLESS.

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