FAIRALON by TJ Roberts



Fairalon explores themes of trust, friendship, and self-reliance with a sprinkling of romance. Eleven year old Iris risks her life to help a complete stranger find his lost little brother. Three misfits stumble into a magical world where they encounter fantastic creatures and face real dangers together. Through their trials and triumphs they learn to a lot about themselves and each other. Fairalon takes you through a myriad of mysterious twists and turns where anything can happen. Fairalon is a MG/YA fantasy novel with 30 full color illustrations.

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Iris is an eleven year old girl with an embarrassing problem and a huge secret. She lost her mother at six and it changed her, it scared her to her core. Now she repeats almost everything she does, to make sure she gets it right, to make sure nothing that bad ever happens again. Only three people know her secret, her father, her grandmother and her doctor. Only one of them believes her.

With her grandmother’s passing, Iris inherits her grandmother’s house in the woods and all of its contents, including five ornately carved heavy wooden boxes. She loved her grandmother and knew there was something different about her, and something strange and wonderful about that house.

Moving day comes and along the road to her new home she sees something so bizarre it scares her. She tells her dad and the police, but nobody believes her. She sets out to prove she’s not crazy, and then things get really, really weird.

Fairalon is a middle grade / YA fantasy fiction.


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